Hyderabad: UoH celebrates ASPIRE’s sixth foundation day

University Vice Chancellor Prof BJ Rao expressed his joy to Prof Jagdesh Kumar for attending the university function.

Hyderabad: The University of Hyderabad (UoH) celebrated the sixth foundation day of its life science incubator, ASPIRE. The program was attended by various experts and stakeholders.

University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar spoke about the measures to be taken for sustainable growth at a global level. While highlighting the significance of inclusive development, reducing societal inequalities, and devising solutions for climate change, he asserted that the ultimate objective should be to achieve sustainable human well-being.

He further praised the women-led development, especially in science and technology, social sciences, and administration, in the country.

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“Achieving gender equality is not just a moral imperative but an essential element for building resilient, equitable, and sustainable societies in the face of global challenges,” he said.

University Vice Chancellor Prof. BJ Rao expressed his joy to Prof. Jagdesh Kumar for attending the university function.

During his presentation on ‘Trends in Indian Biotherapeutics: Past, Present, and Future,’ Dr. Satakarni Makkapati, Board Director of Aurobindo Pharma, discussed how the biopharma business in India has evolved over the last three decades, albeit more slowly than in the West.

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