Hyderabad: ‘Waqf Darbar’ to address encroachment of properties on Sunday

'Mission Save Constitution and Waqf' Telangana Chapter has undertaken the responsibility of protecting properties

Hyderabad: Muslims in India find themselves in a more disadvantaged position than Dalits and Buddhists, despite the fact that our ancestors dedicated properties worth lakhs of crores to ensure the prosperity of future generations. These resources were intended to provide education, enabling Muslims to thrive in the commercial and business sectors.

However, following the country’s independence, biased governments and political leaders openly plundered these properties nationwide. Consequently, the Sachar Committee and the Ranganath Mishra Commission classified Muslims as extremely backward in their reports and recommended that the UPA government take steps to improve their welfare. These recommendations included concrete measures to protect and reclaim encroached properties.

The destruction of properties has impacted both the community itself and others. In Telangana state alone, there are waqf properties estimated to be worth Rs 10 lakh crore, yet nearly all of these properties have been encroached upon.

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Rulers, politicians, and self-proclaimed sympathizers of the community have all played a role in looting waqf properties. Surprisingly, governments have refrained from establishing a dedicated waqf Commissionerate similar to the Endowment Department.

The protection and proper utilization of waqf properties would enable Muslims to become self-reliant, eliminating their dependence on any government or ruler.

Recognizing the urgency of safeguarding these properties, the “Mission Save Constitution and Waqf” Telangana Chapter has undertaken the responsibility of protecting properties not only in Telangana but also across the country. As part of this endeavor, a ‘Waqf Darbar’ will be held on July 16, from 10 am to 5 pm, at the Abid Ali Khan Centenary Hall, located at the Siasat Daily premises in Abids, Hyderabad.

This event aims to provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to meet Supreme Court Advocate Mahmood Paracha and discuss their complaints related to waqf properties. Accompanying Paracha will be a team of 30 lawyers from Telangana who will review the received complaints. Attendees are requested to bring two sets of documents pertaining to their complaints.

The Waqf Darbar is open to both men and women who are willing to voice their concerns about the confiscation of properties. It serves as a platform for individuals seeking justice against ruling governments, ministers, MPs, MLAs, and corporators, and for those desiring the recovery of confiscated properties. Active participation in this Waqf Darbar is crucial for those affected and seeking a resolution.

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