ISIS says Ukraine war is a ‘divine punishment’ for the West

It said Muslims should not take sides in the war and predicted that there would be "major consequences" regardless of the result.

New Delhi: The Islamic State have praised the Ukraine war as a “divine punishment” for the West which it hopes will destroy the “enemies of Islam”, Daily Mail reported.

The terror group labelled Russia’s invasion of its neighbour as “crusaders against crusaders” in a full-page article in its al-Naba newsletter.

It said Muslims should not take sides in the war and predicted that there would be “major consequences” regardless of the result.

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The editorial said: “What is happening today, the direct bloody war between the Orthodox crusaders – Russia and Ukraine – is but one example of God’s punishment for them, as described in the Qu’ran.

“Whether long or short, this Russian-Ukrainian war is but the beginning of the next wars between the Crusader countries, and the images of destruction and death we see are but a small scene of the situation in which the great wars begin.”

The IS added the invasion was “not surprising”, saying it was “the state of the escalating competition between America and Russia to control the countries of Eastern Europe, especially after the policy of ‘support and containment’ that America pursued,” Daily Mail reported.

Islamic extremists have been debating which side to take in the war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin formed an alliance with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad against ISIS in the Syrian civil war and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and Ukraine is a member of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

ISIS have now made its position clear by hoping for complete destruction on both sides which will unleash global chaos and bring down the West, Daily Mail reported.

The terrorists said the invasion was an “amusing punishment… upon them for their disbelief in God Almighty”.

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