Jahangirpuri: Hitting new low, Anjana Om Kashyap takes a ride in bulldozer

In a not-so-surprising sight, Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap climbed onto a bulldozer that was being used for demolition. She was reporting live from Jahangirpuri, New Delhi, which was being driven by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation of India on Wednesday.

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In the video, she can be seen asking the bulldozer driver if she can sit beside him. After sitting comfortably along with her cameraperson, she is heard saying, “You are now watching live images from the crane that is going to demolish an illegal construction.”

Anjana Kashyap’s “reporting” doesn’t end here. In another video, she reaches out to a few residents of Jahangiripuri who were been imprisoned by the Delhi Police. One of the residents who is visibly angry tells her, “If the Supreme Court has given the order to stop the demolition, why is it still being carried on?”

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Anjana swiftly turns her mike to another person who says, “Madam, My name is Sonu. We are Hindus. We have been living in harmony with our Muslim neighbors.” But before he could complete she takes away her mike. And then proceeds to say, “We have to leave from here as the police are asking us to.”

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