Jordanian film ‘Farha’ recreates Israeli atrocities amidst Nakba horror

The movie is based on first hand information received from the victims themselves

Based on the actual events that took place during the Nakba movement, ‘Farha’ is a Jordanian film that exposes Israeli atrocities on innocent Palestinians. The Zionist military forces have barred at least 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and captured 78 percent of historic Palestine during this movement. The horrible events of the Nakba displaced millions of Palestinians and make them refugees who are still unable to return to their homeland.

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Farha, The Film

The movie is based on first hand information received from the victims themselves. The one and half hour long story of Farha revolves around a young Palestinian girl who wanted to pursue a good career, but her father fears for her safety amidst a looming threat from the Israeli soldiers who had killed and displaced thousands of Palestinians in the South and on its way towards North.

As soon as the Israeli forces enter Northern areas, the announcements were made to vacate all the houses or be killed. Farha’s father orders her to escape with a family member. However, love for her father stops Farha from escaping as she drops out the car to stay with her father.

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The series of horrifying events begin here when Farha’s father hides her in a small storeroom while her father charged to face the Israeli invasion.

With a lantern that runs out fuel, Farha forced to live alone in the dark storeroom. She survives on some preserved food for nourishment. She expects that this confinement is temporary and for her own safety, however she eventually attempts to break out.

The most appalling moment featured in the movie is when she witnesses an attempted murder of a newborn when the soldier stamps on the baby.


Countless Palestinians have been affected by Israeli atrocities and their stories have been curtailed down allegedly to facilitate an apartheid state that enjoys support from hypocritical governments world over.

You can watch this film on Netflix.

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