Karnataka: Mysuru ‘dome’ shaped bus stop ‘renovated’ after BJP MP’s outburst

Ironically, the bus stop was built by a local BJP MLA Ramdas.

A bus stop in Mysuru that was recently in news for its dome-shaped architecture, has now been “renovated” overnight. While the old structure had three domes – one big one surrounded by two smaller ones on either side painted in gold – the new one has just the middle dome structure painted in red.

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The bus stop is situated on the Kerala Border-Kollegala section of the National Highway-766.

It all started when BJP MP Pratap Simha took offence to the older structure and declared it a ‘gumbaz (Dome)-like’ structure.

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“I’ve seen it on social media. The bus stand has three domes, a big one in the middle and two small ones beside it. That’s a masjid only,” Simha said.

Simha even threatened that if the structure was ‘not corrected’, he would do the cleanup himself. “I’ve told engineers to demolish the structure in three-four days. If they don’t, I will take a JCB and demolish it,” he said.

The Mysuru bus stop getting ‘renovated; after BJP MP Pratap Simha threatened to demolish it

Ironically, the bus stop was built by one of his party colleagues, local BJP MLA Ramdas.

Speaking on the matter, Ramdas said, “The bus stop shouldn’t be in controversy. I constructed 12 bus stops across Mysuru as a model palace. But it was given communal colour, and it has hurt me. After taking the opinion of seniors, I demolished two small gumbaz and retained the big one. People should not perceive it otherwise. The decision was taken in the interest of development.”

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) issued a notice to the Mysuru City Corporation and the Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL) to remove the bus stop.

NHAI claimed that the structure had turned communal and hence it had to be removed to maintain peace.

“Since it (the structure) has developed communal, this may be treated as notice, otherwise as per the Highway Administration Act 2003 action will be initiated,” the NHAI said.

Thanking the district collector for the swift action, Simha said, “Thanks to the District Collector who asked for time and kept his word and to Ramdas ji, who understood the reality and bowed to the referendum.”

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