Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah defends Muslim quota, hits out at Modi

He also challenged PM Modi to substantiate his claims on reservation with evidence or issue an apology

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent claim that the Congress party intends to transfer reservation quotas from backward classes and Dalits to Muslims, Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah expressed strong opposition, calling it a “blatant lie” and a display of ignorance.

The CM emphasised that such unfounded allegations not only reflect ignorance but also signify desperation fueled by the fear of defeat. He criticised Modi for what he perceived as demeaning the office of the Prime Minister, stating that no leader in the history of India has stooped to such a low level.

Challenging Modi to substantiate his claims with evidence or issue an apology, the Chief Minister questioned the basis of Modi’s allegations and demanded clarification on whether any official government document or state policy supports such assertions.

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Highlighting the constitutional process for amending reservations, the Chief Minister underscored that revisions can only be made based on social and economic surveys and require approval from both Houses of Parliament. He criticised Modi’s apparent lack of knowledge on this fundamental aspect of governance.

Referring to the inclusion of Muslims in the 2B category for backward classes in Karnataka, the Chief Minister clarified that this reservation has been in place for three decades based on recommendations from the Backward Classes Commissions. He pointed out that neither the previous BJP government in the state nor the Modi-led Union Government challenged this reservation, nor did anyone contest it in court.

Further, the Chief Minister highlighted instances where the BJP government’s claims of increasing reservations for Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Karnataka were contradicted by statements from the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment at the national level. He expressed disappointment in Modi’s failure to acknowledge these discrepancies.

The Chief Minister also sought clarification from Modi’s ally, former Prime Minister H D Devegowda, on his stance regarding reservation policies, particularly in light of past assertions about implementing reservations for Muslims.

Concluding his critique, the Chief Minister labeled Modi as a failed leader, citing his lack of significant achievements despite being in power for a decade.

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