King Charles III wears St Edward’s Crown for coronation

The crown dates back hundreds more years to 1661 when it was made for King Charles II.

London: King Charles III, who was officially crowned on Saturday alongside Queen Camilla, wore St Edward’s Crown for the historic coronation ceremony.

The 74-year-old royal was officially crowned the UK’s monarch at Westminster Abbey.His Majesty’s coronation will be a historic occasion, but he has been monarch of the UK since September 2022.

King Charles III was crowned with St Edward’s Crown, the Metro newspaper reported.

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It is tradition for the monarch to wear the solid gold St Edward’s Crown often dubbed the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels at the moment of coronation, the report added. It was worn by the King’s late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, during her own coronation in June 1953.

And by the King’s late grandfather, King George VI, at his coronation in May 1937.

The crown dates back hundreds more years to 1661 when it was made for King Charles II.

In December 2022, St Edward’s Crown was removed from its place among the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London to undergo modification work’ ahead of the coronation.

It is topped with an orb and a cross, symbolising the Christian world, and made up of a solid gold frame set with rubies, amethysts, sapphires, garnet, topazes and tourmalines.

It has a velvet cap with an ermine band, the Sky News reported. And in February 2023, Buckingham Palace confirmed that work was complete and the crown was back at the Tower of London.

During the coronation, the King will also wear the Imperial State Crown. One of the Crown Jewels’ best-known pieces, it was poignantly featured among the regalia placed on the late Queen’s coffin during lying-in-state and funeral proceedings.

It is also present during every State Opening of Parliament.

This crown dates back to 1937 and was made by jewellers Garrard & Company for the coronation of George VI. It was also worn by Elizabeth II towards the end of her coronation, as it is lighter to wear than St Edward’s Crown, the report added.

Queen Camilla was crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown, but reset with the Cullinan III, IV and V diamonds.

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