MJ college alumni in Saudi Arabia brought cheers to devastated Hyderabadi

Jeddah: The alumni in abroad is commonly known for nostalgic gatherings and whatsapp chatting to recollect memories of their good old days on campus. Unlike other alumni, Hyderabad’s oldest Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as MJ college, chatting was very different because of the cause attached to it. The engineering graduates were moved by an article published in SIASAT.COM.

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The alumni came to know about the plight of a fellow ailing Hyderabadi who is facing travel ban owing to financial hardships and came to aid their compatriot. Mohammed Shafiquddin, native of Hyderabad has been suffering with multiple ailments in Riyadh. Devastated by covid-19 pandemic, he lost his job and also defaulted payments of 50,880 Riyals. The court has ordered him to settle the payment to fly back. Unable to buy even essential medicine without any money, Shafiq has lost hope to return home.

Since there are limitations and procedures to be followed in rendering assistance from the embassy side, it was hard to render help to Shafiquddin by the embassy side. However, S. R. Sajeev, senior diplomat at the Indian Embassy was sympathetic and drew the attention of the community to aid Shafique. Noted social worker Shihab Kottukad, who is the first person to receive unmovable Shafiq also urged the community to support.

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Following a news report on Shafique’s condition was published in SIASAT.COM, MJ alumni emerged as first saviour.

Some old engineering students of MJ volunteered to support Shafiq and garnered SR. 28,000 within four days and handed over the money. Shaikh Azhar Naveed (Production-1995), who works in Riyadh along with Mohammed Anis Uddin (ECE- 1989) in Jubail and Mohammed Abdul Waris (Civil-1991) in Dammam efforts sustained with the help of Salman Khalid of King Saud University.

The MJ college is one of primer engineering colleges in Hyderabad that produced some thousands of engineers who work mainly in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. The college enrolls the highest number of students whose parents are based in the region.

Its noteworthy to mention that Saudi Arabia leads the Gulf Cooperation Council region with $16.5 billion worth of projects awarded during the second quarter of 2022, according to a report released by asset management firm Kamco.

The total value of projects awarded in the GCC increased by 11.7 percent to $22.8 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

The story of Shafique in SIASAT.COM has impacted and touched, said Azhar Naveed, who leads MJ alumni in Riyadh.

Also, SATA, a Telugu NRI association separately engaged in support of Shafique where Mallesham, Muzammil, Surya, Yeranna and G. Anand Raju of SATA volunteered to support and funded the rest of the amount with the help of the community. SATA, a Telugu organization with an overwhelming majority of its members hailing from Andhra Pradesh yet it has shown gesture by helping a Telangana NRI Shafiq. “We are always for humanity” says SATA President Mallesham and General Secretary Muzzamil.

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar of Telangana NRI Forum has been providing boarding and lodging facilities to the patient for the last three months. Jabbar said that his organization is planning to provide medical care to Shafiq back home when he returns.

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