MS Academy students win 138 gold medals in Int’l Mathematics Olympiad

Dr Moazzam Hussain, senior director of MSEA, while applauding the winners, said this was one of the most outstanding performance of our students so far.

Hyderabad: Students from MS Education Academy here bagged 138 gold medals in an International Mathematics Olympiad, a prestigious competitive test where young minds from around the world come together to showcase their skills and knowledge in the subject.

The 138 students from MS Education Academy won gold medals at level 1 from a pool of 1331 contestants. Students from the third to ninth grade participated in the Olympiad. Five of them advanced to the next level, accomplishing success in Level 2 of the competition.

Following the success, the school management held a ceremony in Hyderabad to felicitate the winners. This was the first time ever that students of the school participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad.

MS Education Academy

At the ceremony, managing director of MS Education Academy, Anwar Ahmad, addressed the audience and said that MS is striving hard to get the youngsters of the community at top levels such as the Indian Administrative Services. Expressing joy over the success of his students, he said “ The International Mathematics Olympiad would prove to be a stepping stone for the students to achieve their aspirations.”

Dr Moazzam Hussain, senior director of MS Education Academy, while applauding the winners, said this was the first taste of success for the educational institution.

“However, it would not be the last as students have a long way to go in their careers. The next goal of MS Education Academy is to participate in the International Science Olympiad, which will be held on November 21, 2023. The school is committed to performing well in this competition too. Insha Allah, they will also participate in the International Maths Olympiad and International English Olympiad in the next academic year,” Hussain added.

What is Math Olympiad Exam?

The Math Olympiad is a prestigious exam conducted for every grade so that students can present their mathematical skills. The competitive test consists of real-life logical problems and situations based on the student’s grade level.

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