NEOM launches media village to support production of largest international films

Riyadh: NEOM announced the opening of NEOM Media Village and Jeddah Desert Studios, which contain the largest sound studios and film production support facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through the NEOM project, Saudi Arabia aims to build a technology-based, self-sufficient city in energy and food, through which the Kingdom aspires to more than double its population (70 million people).

According to a statement issued by the company, NEOM Media Village and Jeddah Desert Studios witnessed the operation of three sound studios in response to the demand for regional and international productions for distinctive film facilities.

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The three studios underwent a trial period of operation during the past 18 months, and provided support for about 25 television and film productions. 

Work is also underway to equip seven new sound studios, with high technologies; to be ready in the first quarter of 2023.

Wayne Borg, Director of Media Production, Entertainment and Culture at NEOM, said, “NEOM currently owns the first advanced audio studios in the Kingdom, supported by advanced infrastructure, skilled work teams with global expertise and a thriving business environment characterized by ease of doing business.”

It also announced the implementation of an incentive program for a financial refund of up to 40 per cent; to support the production of films and TV works “Drama, Reality TV, Documentaries”, in addition to commercials that will be a great incentive for production managers to start their production business in NEOM.

In addition, 350 fully-serviced housing units will be provided; to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience for the actors and crews on the set.

Media Village

  • It includes a typical audio studio with an area of ​​2,400-square-meter available for production
  • Facilities including make-up rooms, green rooms and production offices
  • Work is underway to build 3 more studios

Desert studios

  • It includes two dome-shaped sound studios
  • They have an area of 3,000-square-meter and they are actually operational
  • Operating 4 new studios by the end of 2022
  • The studios will be home to world-class production facilities
  • Fixed production offices and stores of decorations and accessories
  • All audio and sound effects facilities
  • Cameras, lighting equipment and heavy-duty drones
  • Cranes, lifts and other major equipment are available in both locations

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