No framework agreed for Saudi-Israel normalisation deal: White House

The White House said there was 'still much' to discuss as questions swirled around a potential deal to normalise Israeli-Saudi relations.

The White House said on Wednesday, August 9, that no agreement had been reached yet to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, but it pledged to continue working toward it.

“There’s still a lot of discussing to happen here,” National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby told Reuters during a call.

“There is no agreed to framework to codify normalisation or any of the other security considerations that we and our friends have in the region,” he added.

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The statement comes after the Wall Street journal reported that Saudi Arabia and the United States (US) are working on a “new agreement” that could lead to normalisation of relations between the Kingdom and Israel within nine to twelve months.

According to a report, the Saudi and the US are working out the broad details of the deal, which would include major concessions from Israel to the Palestinian Authority.

Although the US has tried over the years to get Saudi Arabia to join the Gulf trend to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, but the Kingdom has held off and demands a resolution of Palestinian state in line with Arab Peace Initiative.

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