Planning to quit your job? Here’s a three-word resignation letter for inspiration

New Delhi: The first thing that people do once they decide to quit their job is to draft a letter of resignation. Usually, people pen elaborate letters thanking their boss, promising to get back, remain in touch and other such things.

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Some others prefer to keep their resignations concise. However, rarely does one come across one which is shorter than even half a sentence.

Perhaps the shortest “goodbye” to the boss letter has recently gone viral on social media.

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This letter with the subject ‘resignation letter’, just had three words which read, “Bye bye Sir.”

On social media, people not only shared a photograph of the letter but also discussed the audacity and sense of humour of the employee who wrote it.

It soon resulted in a flood of memes on Twitter. Some even started reminiscing about similar stories while others dropped a screenshot where they send the message to their subordinates.

According to some social media users, the employee wrote the message “Bye bye Sir” out of frustration, some are of the opinion that the employee wanted to have fun with his boss before quitting.

One wrote, “Straight to the point, no beating the bush”.

Reacting to “Bye bye Sir” resignation, a Twitter user Sahil shared his “junior” message asking for leave approval to sit for an interview in “another” company.

“My juniors are so sweet, asking me for leave to attend an interview,” reads the caption along with a screenshot.

“Dear Sir, greetings to the day, Good Morning. I am sending you this email to inform you that I need leave for today to attend an interview in another company. I’d like to request that you please approve my leave.”

Replying to Sahil, one wrote “Great honesty”.

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