Find solutions to Kashi, Mathura outside courts: Ajmer Dargah chief

He said that India was playing an important role in reinstating world peace.

Jaipur: Ajmer Dargah chief Syed Zainul Abedin said political parties should try to find solutions to disputes such as in Mathura and Kashi outside the courts.

Any dispute that is resolved by mutual consent will win hearts and trust of communities, he said.

The Ajmer Dargah chief was addressing a conference titled “Paigam-e-Mohabbat Hum Sab Ka Bharat” organised by the Rajasthan unit of All India Sufi Sajjadanshin Council in which heads of almost all the dargahs of Rajasthan were present.

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Abedin said that India was playing a positive role in restoring peace in the world by following the civilization of Vasudhaiva Kutambakam, a statement issued here said.

“India is playing its role in world peace, so efforts should be made to resolve the internal issues of our country peacefully outside the courts All that is needed is a strong initiative,” he said.

On the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Ajmer Dargah chief also said that in the last few years, Muslims have been misled about the CAA law.

“The reality is that after a detailed analysis of the provisions of the Act, we found that the law has nothing to do with Indian Muslims and that the law will not affect them.

“It will benefit the persecuted minority immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. This is not going to take away the Indian citizenship of anyone.

“Citizenship of any Indian cannot be taken away because there is no such provision in the law,” he was quoted as saying in the statement.

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