pTron Bassbuds Wave review: The wireless budget earbuds to beat!

Hyderabad: When tech giants like Apple and Samsung released their true wireless earbuds, it seemed like that concept (or the products) from some years ago would not be something for the everyday smartphone user, for whom spending Rs 10,000 (or more, give or take) on something like that would be an extravagant spend.

Cut to 2022, Apple’s Airpods have become more expensive (third generation costs nearly Rs 20k), while Samsung has released different versions of its Galaxy Buds at different costs. However, the advancement in tech has also allowed companies that make budget products to really make something for the everyday user.

That is where Hyderabad-based pTron’s Bassbuds Wave earbuds come into the picture. A very affordable pair of wireless earphones, it’s nearly as good as anything else in comparison with other products even above its price range out there today. After retailing initially for Rs 999, it’s currently available for Rs Rs 1299 online.

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I used the pair for over a few weeks, while alternating between my Galaxy Buds+ earphones as well. Here are my thoughts on it:

What you get, build quality

The pTron Bassbuds come in a plastic bland grey box, which I felt could have been made better. Just the overall built I feel could have been better. The lid keeps shutting repeatedly while putting the buds in my ears. Apart from that annoying quirk, there’s no other issue I found. You get two pairs of extra ear tips and small type-C cable as well.

The box, charging cable and etra ear tips. Image: Siasat

The earphones are also made of plastic, but feel sturdy enough, and never felt like those are sub-standard in anyway. Obviously, these did not match up to the quality of my Samsung Galaxy Buds+, but came pretty close enough and for less than one-third of the price, I feel it’s worth it. If you have a limited budget, this is a fairly good option.

Connectivity, sound quality and battery

Once you take the earphones out of the box, pairing it to your device is pretty simple and it worked effortlessly for most parts. Just once, it would not reconnect and I had to put it back in the case and open it for it to pair up again.

Barring that, the pTron Bassbuds Wave live up to their name, as the earbuds have great bass. Not the level to match my Galaxy Buds, but the sound quality overall is good. If you’re coming from a pair of wired earphones, you’d be satisfied. More importantly, the fact that these wireless earbuds are IPX4 sweat and water-resistant also make them a great bang for your buck.

The Bassbuds, according to pTron also come equipped with dual mic noise canceling DSP ENC technology and advanced BT5.3 chipset for a good sound experience. The earbuds also weigh 7.8 grams and have noise-canceling thanks to their semi in-ear design for audio (I wouldn’t say that the noise-cancellation is the best, but it works).

Battery also doesn’t disappoint. On a full charge, with a mix of calls and music, expect it to last at least a few days. Once, I charged it to a 100% at around 11 am and was using it continuously with my Vivo X80 Pro. It dropped to about 80% till 4 pm. Pretty good I’d say.

Voice calling and conclusion

While generally the call quality was decent, I think this is an area for improvement. However, given the fact that the Bassuds also have touch controls and last for a really long time, these make for a great value-for-money offering. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a pair of wireless earphones, go for it. Otherwise, you have other options, especially like the Realme Buds Q2 Neo.

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