Qatar: Kerala man fired from job for calling nurses ’sex slaves’

A Qatar-based Malyali expat was fired from his job for passing derogatory comments about nurses from his home state. The man, identified as Sisupalan Durgadas, said that women who go to the Gulf as nurses from Kerala are employed as ”sex slaves for terrorists” while participating in an event organised by a Hindu organisation.

After a video of him making those remarks surfaced online, Sisupalan Durgadas was dismissed from his position of regional coordinator of the Malayalam Mission, Qatar chapter as well. He was employed as a senior accountant at Narang Projects in Qatar. He had made those statements while participating in the Hindu Maha Samelan organised in Thiruvananthapuram.

The firm he worked for has its presence in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Dubai. Addressing the gathering at the Sammelan, he made distasteful comments about Muslims and the nursing community. “Muslims have settled down in the Gulf, most of the women are hired as nurses from Kerala and being employed as sex slaves for terrorists in the region,” he had said.

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Reacting to the man’s comments, a Twitter user, Lieutenant Commander Gokulchan, said, “This is Durgadas Sishupalan. A certified sanghi. He is working in Qatar and during Hindu Sammelan in Thiruvananthapuram, he made a statement that nurses from Kerala go to Gulf countries to work as sex slaves for militant groups. Nurses association has filed a complaint against him.”

On May 5 the Malyalam Mission Qatar released a termination letter expelling Das from the positiion of regional coordinator.

Durgadas discussed the matter on Facebook Live on Friday. Durgadas claimed to have been a “proud Sangh Swayamsevak for nearly 30 years” and an NRI in the Gulf for around 20 years.

He said that throughout his stay in the Gulf, he witnessed bogus recruiting organisations defrauding Indian women under the guise of work in aviation, massage centres, and nursing. According to Durgadas, these agencies functioned with the help of politicians. In collaboration with Indian embassies, he claimed to have assisted in the repatriation of such ladies.

Durgadas claimed he saw a movie about the state of nurses in which Kevin Peter, a Christian Alliance for Social Action (CASA) leader, was featured. Durgadas compared nurses to fairies and stated he respected them.

Durgadas’s stand:

On Friday, Durgadas conducted a Facebook Live on the controversy. Durgadas claimed he had been an NRI in the Gulf for about 20 years and had been a “proud Sangh Swayamsevak for about 30 years”, reported The Week.

He said, during his time in the Gulf, he had observed fraudulent recruitment agencies had cheated Indian women on the pretext of jobs in sectors such as aviation, massage centers, and nursing. Durgadas alleged these agencies operated with the connivance of politicians. He claimed he had helped repatriate such women in coordination with the Indian embassies.

Durgadas said that he had seen a video on the condition of nurses that featured Kevin Peter, an activist associated with the Christian Alliance for Social Action (CASA). Durgadas said he respected nurses and compared them to fairies.

Durgadas stated that he had been invited to the Hindu Maha Sammelanam at Ananthapuri. Kevin Peter was on a panel at the event, and Durgadas claimed he chose to pose a question based on a video he heard about “terrorist organisations” recruiting nurses fraudulently. Many individuals, according to Durgadas, were misled by the video footage of his query. “I apologise to any nurses who were offended by my query,” he stated. However, I will continue to report any terrorist recruitment agencies to the Center.”
He stated that he did not mind being referred to as a “Sanghi.”

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