Real estate in Hyderabad: Majority of buyers prefer 2BHK houses

Average budget range of 2BHK houses is the highest in Central Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Real estate sector in Hyderabad is seeing a reversal in trend as majority of people who used to prefer larger BHKs are now looking to own 2BHK houses.

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As per a survey by Anarcok-CII, 49 percent of the respondents in the city prefer 2BHK houses whereas, 40 percent are looking to own 3BHK houses.

Similar trends were also witnessed in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune where the demands for 2BHK houses are the highest.

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The reasons behind the highest demand for 2BHK in these cities are rise in market value post-pandemic, hike in labour charges and spike in prices of building materials.

However, in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi, still, the demand for 3BHK is highest as most of them prefer larger spaces.

Cities1BHK (in percent)2BHK (in percent)3BHK (in percent)4BHK and Above (in percent)
Source: ANAROCK Research

Average budget range of 2BHK houses in Hyderabad

The average budget range of 2BHK houses is the highest in Central Hyderabad. It is Rs. 75 lakh-85 lakh. The average rate in the zone is Rs. 6400 per square feet.

In South Hyderabad, the average budget range of 2BHK houses which is the least is Rs. 40 lakh – 48 lakh. The average rate in the zone is Rs. 3800 per square feet.

ZonesAverage Budget Range for 2BHKAverage Rate per square feet
Central HyderabadRs. 75 lakh – 85 lakhRs. 6,400
East HyderabadRs. 44 lakh – 50 lakhRs. 3,700
North HyderabadRs. 45 lakh – 50 lakhRs. 3,800
South HyderabadRs. 40 lakh – 48 lakhRs. 3,800
West HyderabadRs. 55 lakh – 65 lakhRs. 4,950
Source: ANAROCK Research

Real estate in Hyderabad: Why do people prefer homes in peripheries?

Despite the reopening of schools and offices in Hyderabad, people still prefer to buy homes in the city peripheries.

There are two reasons behind it. People who prefer larger spaces are ready to relocate to city peripheries.

Another major reason is the hybrid model of work that is adopted by most of the companies in Hyderabad. As employees have to work from the office for only 2-3 days, people are ready to relocate to the city peripheries.

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