Saudi Arabia: Nearly 1 million Muslims complete Haj in 2022

Makkah: Nearly 1 million pilgrims successfully completed Haj on July 9 as they prayed on the plains of Arafa and moved to Muzdalifa.

The pilgrims also stoned the symbolic devil in Jamrat al-Aqaba. Then came Tawaf Al Ziarat, where Muslims to fro between two hills, Safa and Marwa. It was followed by pilgrims shaving their heads and removing the Ihram reported Anadolu.

Earlier, the government of Saudi Arabia allowed 1 million foreigners to perform Haj, as it removed COVID-19 restrictions after two years. People below the age of 65 were allowed to perform Haj this year. Haj is one of the five pillars of Islam, performed annually.

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