Saudi Arabia witnesses spike in women joining banks in recent years

The women employees in Saudi banks has increased sharply during recent years

Riyadh: The number of women working in the banks of Saudi Arabia has increased in the last three years, according to data released by the Saudi banks. This comes at a time when Saudi Arabia has seen an increased number of women entering the workforce.

The data showed that the highest percentage of women employees in 2021 was in Riyad Bank at 27.3 percent, followed by Gulf International Bank (GIB) with 27 percent.

Here’s the percentage of Saudi women working in banks

Bank name202120202019
Riyad27.3 per cent25.5 per cent25 per cent
Gulf International Bank(GIB)27 per cent25 per cent23 per cent
Saudi Investment Bank (SIB)23.7 per cent20 per cent21 per cent
Arab National Bank (ANB)21.6 per cent19.89 per cent19.61 per cent
Saudi British Bank (SABB) 21 per cent20 per cent19 per cent
Banque Saudi Fransi19 per cent17 per cent15 per cent
Al-Rajhi Bank 17.1 per cent14.23 per cent14.56 per cent
Alinma Bank 16.2 per cent12.56 per cent12.76 per cent
Saudi National Bank (SNB) 13.7 per cent13.47 per cent12.78 per cent
Bank Al-Jazira10.8 per cent9.60 per cent8.50 per cent
Albilad Bank6.9 per cent6.55 per cent5.89 per cent

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Saudi Arabia to increase women workforce ahead of vision 2030

For decades, Saudi Arabia had one of the lowest rates of female labor force participation in the world. The Middle-East region has always lagged behind the rest of the world when it comes to women and the job market.

In recent years, the participation of Saudi women has increased from 20 percent in late 2018 to 33 percent by the end of 2020.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman plans to change economic and social rules as part of his vision 2030 plan to diversify the country’s economy.

The country in recent years adopted several reforms to empower women, including ensuring that women can drive cars, enter playgroups and stadiums, and pursue occupations that were previously accessible only to men.

After the transition to allow Saudi women to travel in the kingdom, from 2019 onwards Saudi Arabian women can also travel abroad without permission and may apply for their passports, ID documents, and all official registrations directly without requiring a male guardian (mahram).

In February 2021, Saudi Arabia opened up military posts for women for the first time which allowed them to report through a unified portal.

In the first, Saudi female officers were allowed to guard Islam’s holiest site not just that the women were allowed driving licenses, and even elected to councils, and so on.

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