Tabuk Mosques: Blend of Islamic history, contemporary architecture

Some of these mosques, dating back to the Battle of Tabuk, are significant historical landmarks

Riyadh: The mosques in the Tabuk region are a unique blend of ancient Islamic civilization and modern architectural styles, showcasing exceptional designs.

Some of these mosques, dating back to the Battle of Tabuk, are significant historical landmarks for visitors.

The space provides a serene prayer area, attracting visitors with its unique geometric shapes and rich historical background, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

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University of Tabuk Mosque

Perhaps the “University of Tabuk” Mosque is the most architecturally beautiful in its structural engineering, as it has no central columns despite its large dome.

The 8,000 square meter mosque, accommodating 3,500 worshippers, features two 50-meter high minarets and a huge dome covered with mosaics.

The mosque features double glazing facades, granite and marble walls and floors, and aluminum works for two lighthouses and decorative walls.

The courtyard features an aluminum roof suspended above, complemented by a circular dome, decorative wall, and minaret adorned with aluminum and glass cladding.

Photo: SPA
Photo: SPA

Al-Tawbah Mosque

This site is a significant historical symbol of Islam, where Prophet Muhammad (PBH) and his companions performed prayers during the Battle of Tabuk.

Photo: SPA

Al-Walidain Mosque

Al-Walidain Mosque is a remarkable architectural marvel with six 46-meter-tall minarets and a 25-meter-diameter main dome.

It was built with generous funding from Tabuk Region governor Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

The mosque’s design, incorporating a fresh architectural perspective while preserving its historical roots, is a significant addition to the region’s architectural landscape.

The mosque’s flexible layout accommodates over 15,000 worshippers, with a dedicated section for women, ensuring smooth entry and exit during peak prayer times.

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