• NewsCorona or OBOR, World Has To Be Wary of China

    Corona or OBOR, World Has To Be Wary of China

    Kingshuk Nag Major cities in Italy are a distant 10,000 km away from Wuhan in China where the devastating Coronavirus originated. Yet Italy has lost a huge 26,544 lives to Corona till…

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    USA urges Italy against China’s OBOR initiative

    Washington: The United States on Saturday urged Italy not to “lend legitimacy” to China’s “infrastructure vanity project” while referring to the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. “Italy is a major global…

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    China’s Belt and Road Initiative a global security challenge, say European experts

    London [UK]: China’s ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is a global security threat, according to conclusions reached by various experts from renowned European think tanks. Addressing a seminar titled ‘China’s…

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    China’s OBOR expectations look gloomy: Expert

    Beijing: With some African countries caught in a debt trap due to China’s ambitious One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) and even Malaysia backing out of two China-backed multi-billion connectivity projects, the…

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