• Health

    Why loss of smell, taste is godsend for many COVID patients

    New Delhi: Amid the growing Covid-19 scare is light at the end of the tunnel. If you experience true loss of smell and taste along with gastric trouble (read diarrhoea) as Covid-19 symptoms…

  • Health

    Obesity associated with weakened response to taste: Study

    Washington: Obesity is linked to a reduced response to taste, reveals a recent study. According to the study published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience,’ taste perception is known to change…

  • Food

    Must-taste Turkish desserts

    Ankara [Turkey]: While traveling to a country, tasting its traditional desserts is a must, especially if the country is Turkey. The country is famous for its traditional sweets that melt in your…

  • Health

    While choosing, texture of food matters too: Study

    Washington: Not just the taste and smell, but food’s texture also affects whether it is eaten, liked or rejected, recent findings suggest. As part of the study, researchers found that people are…

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