Telangana: Study DK Aruna’s background before calling me corrupt, Revanth tells Modi

Accuses Modi of trying to ascend Delhi throne by walking on the corpses of Telangana people

Hyderabad: Taking a strong exception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s allegation that Congress has been looting Telangana since it came to power, chief minister A Revanth Reddy suggested that the PM first look at who was sitting beside him before talking about corruption.

Addressing a road show in Shadnagar on Friday, Revanth questioned how Modi could judge Congress based on just 150 days of governance, while conveniently ignoring the fact that BJP Mahabubnagar candidate DK Aruna, who was sitting beside him on the dais at LB stadium public meeting, and her family, have indulged in the sale of illicit toddy and illicit liquor, sand mining, granite quarrying, taking commissions from the contractors and unfairly grabbing contracts for decades in Gadwal.

“Don’t you do some background check on whom you’re supporting? Have you ever heard of me calling someone and demanding something? I ascended the chief minister’s chair by working my way from the ground without any political background. What the Prime Minister has said against me doesn’t suit his stature,” Revanth said.

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Attacking DK Aruna further, Revanth said that if she wins, she will restrict herself to playing the Gadwal Bungalow politics her family has been playing for decades, or would stay in Modi’s gully in Delhi.

Addressing Congress Jana Jatara Sabha in Makthal earlier in the day, Revanth warned the people that if Aruna won the election, her brother and former BRS MLA Chittem Ram Mohan Reddy would once again start perpetrating atrocities on the people by filing cases against them, and by indulging in illegal mining of sand and other natural resources in the constituency.

Revanth also warned the people that the BJP was trying to retain power by spreading hatred between communities by playing the politics of communal hatred.

Remembering the time when people used to get stabbed while travelling from Hyderabad to Palamuru region before they could reach Shadnagar, Revanth said that things have changed and people have been living peacefully, owing to the steps taken by former chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

“Do we wish to live those days again? Should we destroy the state to let a few BJP MPs win,” he asked, cautioning the people that Modi was trying to ascend the Delhi throne by walking on the corpses of the people of Telangana.

Mentioning that investments weren’t coming to Noida in UP because of the communal disharmony created by the BJP government there, Revanth said that Hyderabad could get capital investments only if the people lived in harmony.

Revanth said that it was his responsibility to see that law and order prevailed, communal harmony prevailed, and investments came to the state.

“The election for Mahabubnagar seat is between the Palamuru’s valour and the Delhi’s domination,” he said.

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