TOEFL exam in Hyderabad: Police begins probe over alleged malpractice

TOEFL is an exam that is conducted to test the English language ability of non-native speakers

Hyderabad: Indian Chapter of the Education Testing Service (ETS), a private non-profit educational testing and assessment organization, allegedly found students cheating during the TOEFL exam in Hyderabad.

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After finding the malpractice during the exams, ETS filed a complaint with the Hyderabad Cybercrime police yesterday.

How ETS found modus operandi

In order to find out the modus operandi of malpractices during TOEFL exams in Hyderabad, ETS took the help of fake advertisement.

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ETS put an advertisement to lure persons who can help candidates in clearing the exams through malpractice.

Seeing the advertisement, a person contacted ETS with a promise to help candidates in cracking the exams. For this service, he demanded Rs 23000 per candidate.

ETS who was eager to know the total modus operandi gave the demanded amount to the person.

Later, ETS found out that the person helps the candidates of the TOEFL exams in Hyderabad by providing answers through WhatsApp.

During the exam, the real candidates click photographs of the questions and send them to the fake candidate who in turn sends answers to real candidates through WhatsApp.

After knowing the modus operandi, ETS filed a police complaint. Investigations are going on.

TOEFL exam in Hyderabad

TOEFL is an exam that is conducted to test the English language ability of non-native speakers who are willing to enroll in English-speaking universities.

The results of the exam are accepted by thousands of universities across the world. It is an alternative to International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

In India, the TOEFL exam is conducted in various cities including Hyderabad. Many students appear in the exam in the city.

After the test, score reports are sent to designated recipients approximately 8–16 days after the test date.

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