Total 53 lakh fresh Aadhaar enrolments in July this year

New Delhi: With the generation of more than 53 lakh Aadhaar in July this year, Aadhaar saturation level among adult residents is now near universal, and the overall saturation level is 93.41 per cent.

As per the Ministry of IT, at least 26 states and UTs have now a saturation of over 90 per cent. Most of the Aadhaar generated during July were of children below the age of 18 years (0-18 age group).

The ministry said that Aadhaar registration, usage and adoption is progressing well across India, and by the end of July 2022, more than 134.11 crore Aadhaar numbers have been generated so far for the residents.

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Residents successfully updated 1.47 crore Aadhaars in the month of July, and till the end of July, 63.55 crore Aadhaar numbers have been successfully updated following requests from the residents.

These updation requests are related to demographic as well as biometric updates done at both physical Aadhaar centres, and by using the online Aadhaar platform.

In July, 152.5 crore authentication transactions were carried out through Aadhaar.

A majority of these monthly transaction numbers were done by using fingerprint biometric authentication (122.57 crore), followed by demographic authentications.

By the end of July 2022, a cumulative number of 7,855.24 crore Aadhaar authentications have been carried out, as against 7,702.74 crore such authentications by the end of June.

Aadhaar, a digital infrastructure of good governance, is a catalyst of both ease of living and ease of doing business.

The digital ID is helping various ministries and departments in the Centre and states in improving efficiency, transparency and delivery of welfare services to the targeted beneficiaries.

Around 900 social welfare schemes in the country run by both Centre and states have been notified to use Aadhaar till date.

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