Turkish doctors separate conjoined twins after 9-hour surgery

In what seems to be a world record, Turkish surgeons have successfully separated conjoined twins, after a 9-hour-long surgery.

The team of surgeons employed 3D technology for the operation, separating the twins conjoined at the breast bone. Following the surgery, the twins born in Algeria are in stable condition. The team of surgeons employed novel techniques to perform the operations.

The procedure also involved 3D modelling of the twins’ skeletal structures and internal organs. Ahead of the operation, the three tissue balloons were gradually inflated over a three-month preoperative period.

MS Education Academy

“Thanks to our team of dedicated professionals, we were able to separate the twins in a well-planned surgical procedure that took about nine hours,” said Prof. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin, who supervised the operation at Istanbul’s Acibadem Hospital. was quoted as saying by Al Arabia english.

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