UAE tops Digital Nomad Visa Index in Middle East, ranks 4th globally

Index list and ranked the countries based on the following factors: Active visa availability, Internet speed Taxation policies and tax-free length, Income requirement for visa applications, Cost of living in Euros GHS Tourism popularity.

In recent years digital nomadism has become a prevalent lifestyle, with an increasing number of visa options available. However, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has ranked first in the Middle East and fourth globally for digital nomads in 2024.

This came according to a report issued by VisaGuide.World in Digital Nomad Visa Index list and ranked the countries based on the following factors:

  • Active visa availability
  • Internet speed
  • Taxation policies and tax-free length
  • Income requirement for visa applications
  • Cost of living in Euros
  • Global Health Score (GHS)
  • Tourism popularity

Why UAE ranks 4th globally?

UAE has some of the most favourable conditions for the life of remote workers, including:

MS Education Academy
  • Taxes— Zero percent
  • Tax-free period— Full visa length
  • Internet speed— 256.04
  • Minimum income— Dh 5,000
  • Living cost— 917.0
  • Health score— 39.6
  • Digital nomad score— 3.65

Taking to X, on Sunday, December 17, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, wrote, “The UAE ranked fourth globally in indicators of digital nomads, outperforming various countries, according to @visaguideworld. This represents the fruitful results of proactive visions, plans, and strategies that anticipate the future, characterized by flexibility and keeping pace with digital developments.”

The UAE ranked fourth globally, following Spain, Argentina, and Romania, and first in the Middle East.

Top 10 countries for digital nomads in 2024

RankCountryTaxesTax-free periodInternet speedMinimum incomeLiving costHealth scoreDigital nomad score
1Spain15 percentSix months248.252,140673.760.94.50
2Argentina0 percentFull visa length111.232,500418.554.43.78
3Romania0 percentFull visa length260.973,300539.745.73.74
4United Arab Emirates (UAE)0 percentFull visa length256.045,000917.039.63.65
5Croatia0 percentFull visa length109.272,539.31686.848.83.62
6Portugal20 percentSix months205.113,548618.054.73.58
7Uruguay0 percentFull visa length177.74Not required812.140.33.55
8Malta0 percentFull visa length188.552,700781.440.23.47
9Norway22 percentSix months186.612,9771098.960.23.25
10Andorra10 percentNo tax free period170.11Not required736.634.73.20

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