War of words continue between TRS, BJP leaders

KTR dubbed Narendra Modi as an icon of partiality

Hyderabad: War of words continued between leaders of the TRS and the BJP over Twitter on Monday, a day after TRS Working President K. T. Rama Rao dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi an icon of partiality.

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Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy slammed Rama Rao for the attack on Modi. He said it was unfortunate that a spiritual event meant to celebrate the ideas of equality as enunciated by Sri Ramanujacharya is being politicized.

Kishan Reddy tweeted that even by TRS standards this is a new low. “Our PM is used to such political attacks but please spare Saint Ramunuja from this,” wrote Reddy, who is a member of Lok Sabha from Secunderabad.

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Rama Rao on Sunday dubbed Narendra Modi as an icon of partiality. “Icon of partiality unveiled Statue of Equality and irony just died a billion deaths,” wrote KTR referring to Prime Minister unveiling the statue of equality during his visit to Hyderabad on Saturday.

Modi dedicated a 216-feet tall statue of equality commemorating the 11th-century saint Ramanujacharya.

Not stopping at countering KTR’s attack, Kishan Reddy lashed out at the TRS for its friendly ties with AIMIM. “If police is removed for 15 minutes, we Muslims will finish 100 crore Hindus” CM KCR & KTR endorse such statements by aligning with Owaisi & MIM. They valorise Nizam whose Razakar army massacred Hindus at will. He then abuses PM whose only dharma is ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’,” he wrote.

KTR responded by tweeting that while his comment was about NDA Govt’s apathy towards Telangana and how this partiality is hurting several states, Kishan Reddy was resorting to the same obfuscation again by bringing in irrelevant issues.

The TRS leader listed the state’s demands which were ignored by the Centre.

Another BJP leader N. Ramchander Rao leapt in. “The irony is that now Bhagyanagar will be recognized globally for statue of equality and not ‘Your people’s Charminar’. And what’s more disgusting is that the ambassador” of dynast politics is speaking about equality, he wrote.

In response, KTR wrote: “Sir, I know it’s difficult for the Godse worshippers to comprehend words such as communal harmony & plurality It’s a pity that even after ruling the country for 8 years, the only fallback for you is 80-20, Us v/s Them blah By the way, Dynasty isn’t half as bad as Nasty Bigotry”.

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