Watch: Cow made chief guest for restaurant launch in Uttar Pradesh

The special guest cow adorned in a vibrant yellow outfit is seen taken to the restaurant's kitchen where it is made to eat.

Usually, when we scroll through our social media feed we see pictures of politicians, celebrities and other prominent personalities inaugurating an event.

Enter Uttar Pradesh and everything makes sense. Be it a cow made to inaugurate a restaurant.

Yes! Yes! you heard it right. A cow was the special guest of honour that inaugurated an organic dining restaurant named Organic Oasis. The event happened in Lukhnow.

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Interestingly, the restaurant is owned by a former senior police officer by the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police Shailendra Singh. Singh “invited a desi cow” for the inauguration ceremony.

In a video shared by ANI, the special guest cow adorned in a vibrant yellow outfit is seen taken to the restaurant’s kitchen where it is made to eat.

Singh maintains that a healthy body is vital for good sustainable life. “Unfortunately, one gets food of produce laced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I think this will be the first such restaurant in India that will have its own production, control and processing. People will feel the difference in food after having and demand it,” the former police officer said.

Located at the Shusant Gold City at Millennium adjacent to Lulu Mall, Organic Oasis promises to utilise raw food materials manufactured fresh from the farmlands.

According to Singh, the cow is a big economic source. “I would always prefer gau mata as the guest of honour to my restaurant,” he said.

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