Watch: Lionel Messi becomes face of Saudi Arabia’s luxury clothing brand

In May 2022, Messi was appointed as Saudi Arabia's tourism ambassador.

Argentine football legend Lionel Messi has become the face of Saudi Arabia’s Sayaar, known for its clothing and luxury items.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, March 12, Sayaar released an advertisement featuring Messi in traditional Arabian attire from the brand.

In the 15-second advertisement clip, Messi is dressed in traditional Gulf attire, including a white thobe and a red-and-white shemagh on his head.

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He poses for the camera, fixing his headdress between shots, which ends with him holding an orange box with the brand’s name.

“Your beauty and elegance can only be obtained from Sayar. Wear the ‘Signature R’ shemagh, same as GOAT,” Sayaar wrote in a post.

Watch the video here

In May 2022, Messi was appointed as Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador.

In January, the Saudi Tourism Authority launched a global marketing campaign under the “Saudi, Welcome To Arabia” brand, with Messi as the ambassador.

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