Who is PM candidate of INDIA alliance, asks BJP chief J P Nadda

"Would Rahul Gandhi be able to fight price rise, make a contribution in development and accept the challenges of the world?," he further asked.

Hyderabad: Stepping up the attack on the INDIA bloc, BJP President J P Nadda on Monday asked who the prime ministerial candidate of the opposition bloc would be.

Nadda, who addressed election rallies at Kothagudem and Mahabubabad in Telangana, said Narendra Modi would become prime minister if the BJP and its allies win the Lok Sabha polls but nobody knows who the INDIA bloc’s PM candidate is.

“We have decided that Narendra Modi ji will be our prime minister. But, I want to know who will become the prime minister on behalf of INDI alliance’s ‘arrogant’ coalition. Does anyone know?,” he asked.

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“Who will become prime minister? Modi ji will become. But, who is the prime ministerial candidate from there (INDIA bloc)? Who is the candidate? God forbid if Rahul Gandhi becomes, if anyone brings him to the front, will he be able to fight with Corona (pandemic)?,” Nadda asked.

“Would Rahul Gandhi be able to fight price rise, make a contribution in development and accept the challenges of the world?,” he further asked.

The leaders of the “arrogant coalition” are interested in power and not in service to people, he alleged.

Modi says “root out corruption” but the leaders of the alliance say “save the corrupt”, he claimed.

In the rally of the INDIA alliance, two chairs are kept vacant — one for Hemant Soren and another for Arvind Kejriwal who are in jail, Nadda said.

“They do rally with the corrupt,” he said.

“Congress is so nervous that ‘Telangana’s social media’ resorted to posting ‘fabricated’ speeches of Home Minister Amit Shah to mislead people,” he further claimed. He asked whether it is the result of nervousness or not.

Alleging that corruption took place in Telangana during the previous BRS regime, he said, “When we look at the present Congress government, it comes to mind that their intentions are not fair.

“The thought in their mind is that the property we earn in our lives through hard work and park it for our children, they made a plan to impose tax for the government to grab that property through wrong means,” he claimed.

“It is the government of the Congress which makes a plan to give reservation to Muslims on the basis of religion by taking away the reservation of SC, ST and OBCs,” he alleged.

Architect of the Constitution B R Ambedkar had clearly said reservation would never be on the basis of religion and that it would on the basis of caste and backwardness, Nadda said.

“But, Congress party people are making effort for this today. Would you allow such a government to come forward,” he asked.

Nadda also alleged that the INDIA bloc is an alliance of “corruption and parivarvaad” (dynastic politics) and that the parties in the coalition are engaged in protecting the children of their families.

He said leaders of Congress, RJD, AAP and BRS are either on bail or in jail.

“Is Rahul Gandhi on bail or not? Is Sonia Gandhi on bail or not? All these people are on bail. P Chidambaram, Karthi Chidambaram, Lalu Yadav, all these are on bail,” he said.

He also asked whether Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP leaders and BRS MLC K Kavitha are in jail or not.

“All these people are either on bail or in jail. All these people are corrupt. They have nothing to do with you. They are only concerned about their families…,” he claimed.

He also spoke extensively about the various development programmes and schemes of the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre.

Later addressing a road show here, Nadda said the country is safe today under the leadership of PM Modi.

Recalling the surgical strikes, he said the “patriots of Congress” sought proof of surgical strikes.

There was a time, 10 years ago, when it used to be said about the country that nothing will change, but it is now moving forward under Modi’s leadership with the resolve of ‘Viksit Bharat’, he said.

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