You can dive with sharks at National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi

No diving experience required to have diving experience

Abu Dhabi: The National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi’s Al Qana offers visitors a breath-taking diving experience to get up-close and personal with sharks, rays and hundreds of beautiful fish inside its tank.

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The attraction in Al Qana is the Middle East’s largest aquarium and the diving experience with the region’s largest collection of sharks and rays in a single tank can be enjoyed by certified and non-certified divers, and anyone eager for an adventure. 

Those with certification can dive in the main tank but also get the chance to swim with 2.5 metre long sand tiger sharks and lemon sharks as well as one of the world’s only school of hammerhead sharks.

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The shark dive costs 790 Dirham and is exclusively for certified divers.

The facility, which opened to visitors in November 2021, is home to 46,000 creatures from 330 species, including some commonly not seen in this region, such as puffins, bull sharks and capybaras.

Since opening, the aquarium has welcomed over 100,000 visitors and visitors also have the opportunity to dive into the water and feed the sharks.

Glass boat tours and adventurous walks across the glass bridge are also accessible. The aquarium also offers a major view of the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

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