Danish TV compares Moroccan footballers with monkeys, faces ire

The Danish TV channel sparked outrage after making racist remarks against Moroccan players.

A Danish television channel came under fire from netizens after its presenter compared the Moroccan players and their mothers at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with monkeys.

Soren Lippert, presenter of the Danish channel TV 2 Nyheder, showed the camera by holding up a picture of monkeys hugging each other while the moments of Moroccan actors hugging their mothers passed on television.

Not only that, Lippert also included scandalous words and said, “They do this at family gatherings in Qatar and Morocco, because they are so attached to each other.”

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The Qatar World Cup has indeed written various stories, including historic achievements for the Moroccan national team. Even the actions of the players after the match were in the spotlight and went viral on social media.

The Moroccan national team was accompanied by their mothers in World Cup matches, and they did not miss an opportunity to express gratitude, which reappeared in every match.

Moroccan player Achraf Hakimi always hugs and kisses his mother after the game is over. The warm moment of this mother and child also attracted the attention of netizens.


The Danish TV host holding monkey picture, which went viral in a short time, created an indignation on social media. Some says it was a disgrace.

“European society is extremely racist, but they have a big problem accepting it. They call everything humor, but the truth is they turn themselves into a disgusting joke and the rest of the world is making fun of them,” Austro-Afghan journalist, Emran Feroz tweeted.

Another Twitter user said, “Western media compares Arabs to monkeys. It’s a so-called civilized world.”

“What a way to announce to the world that you are not only racist but hate your mother, ” chimed in another.

“It’s shameful on #DenTV to equate #MaR players hugging their mothers with monkeys. The same media has been lecturing Qataris for months about human rights,” said political analyst Andreas Krieg.

This was not the first time that racism had targeted Moroccan players during the World Championships in Qatar.

Earlier this month, a German news outlet made controversial remarks about some Moroccan players making the “Tawhid” sign during their match against Portugal. Tawhid is a sign used by Muslims, and it is done by raising the forefinger.


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