Denmark passes bill banning Quran burnings

Those who violate the law will risk a fine, or imprisonment for up to two years

The Danish parliament has passed a bill banning the burning of the Quran, following a series of incidents where the holy book was desecrated, sparking outrage in Muslim countries.

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The bill, which bans “inappropriate treatment of writings with significant religious importance for a recognised religious community,” was approved by a majority of 94 votes against 77 votes in opposition in the 179-seat parliament on Thursday, December 7, Anadolu Agency reported.

It will also be applied to the desecration of other religious books, such as the Bible or the Torah. The bill generally prohibits the burning, shredding, or desecration of sacred books in public or in videos intended for widespread dissemination.

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Those who violate the bill will risk a fine, or imprisonment for up to two years. The bill, initially introduced in August, was later amended due to concerns within the ruling coalition regarding freedom of speech.

It is reported that, the bill is set to be enacted by the Danish Monarch, Queen Margre, who is expected to sign it later this month.

Since June this year, Sweden and Denmark have witnessed a series of protests, as copies of the Quran have been desecrated, sparking outrage in Muslim countries and demanding Nordic governments to put an end to the desecration.

Between July 21 and October 24, 483 book and flag burnings were recorded in Denmark, AFP reported.

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