First-ever robotic kidney transplant carried out in Qatar

The surgical operation was carried out by a specialized team from Hamad Medical Corporation using the “Da Vinci” robot.

Qatar has successfully performed the first robotic kidney transplant surgery on a patient in his seventies at Hamad General Hospital.

This comes after several weeks of preparation by a multidisciplinary team affiliated with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

The patient had been experiencing chronic kidney failure for years, requiring daily peritoneal dialysis and high blood pressure.

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The surgical procedure, led by a robotic surgery and organ transplantation team under the guidance of Dr Abdullah Al-Ansari, chief medical officer at HMC.

“The Da Vinci robot successfully performed a two and a half-hour surgical procedure to transplant a new kidney from a brain-dead donor, ensuring tissue identicality and approval from the donor’s family,” Al-Ansari said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that Qatar prioritizes health sector development for 2030, focusing on prevention, wellness, care access, and services for the most needy groups, aiming to improve overall health.

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