Haj 2024: Saudi Arabia opens registration for domestic pilgrims

The ministry announced that there will be four categories of packages available for pilgrims performing Haj this year.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) on Sunday, February 11, announced the start of the registration period for the Haj 2024 for citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

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The Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah said those wishing to perform Haj this year can register through the Nusuk application or the Ministry’s website.

Conditions to apply for Haj 2024

  • The minimum age for Haj application is 15 years.
  • Women will also be able to perform Haj without a mahram, or close male relative.
  • Applicants can register companions for the Haj, with a maximum group size of 14 people.
  • The priority would be given to applicants who had never performed Haj.
  • Residents are required to possess a valid residency visa until the end of the Hijri year.
  • Pilgrims are required to receive meningitis vaccine at least 10 days prior to the Haj.

The ministry announced that there will be four categories of packages available for pilgrims performing Haj this year.

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Types of Haj packages are

  • The price of the first package is 4,099.75 Saudi riyals, which is within the economic range.
  • The second package is 8,092.55 Saudi Riyals, which includes hospitality camps.
  • As for the third package, its price is 10,366.10 Saudi Riyals, and it includes camps that have been developed to provide a high-end service.
  • The fourth package, price is 13,265.25 Saudi Riyals, with pilgrims accommodated in the six towers in Mina, near Jamarat.

The Haj ministry said that they can pay the full price of the package at once or in three installments.

How to pay Haj package in installments

  • A down payment of 20 percent is paid within 72 hours from the date of booking
  • A second payment of 40 percent, to be paid no later than 09/20/1445 AH
  • A third payment of 40 percent is paid no later than 10/20/1445 AH.

The reservation status will appear as Unconfirmed until the third payment is completed and the last date for payment via partial payment is 09/01/1445 AH.

Steps to register through Nusuk application

  • Download the Nusuk application from play store and create an account
  • Select booking from Haj services
  • View the packages and their details
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Adding a companion (citizen/resident) or adding a mahram (father/brother/son/husband), both of which are optional
  • Choose Haj package
  • Enter bank details
  • Choose the payment method (full payment or partial payment)
  • The reservation is completed by receiving a text message on the mobile phone and the reservation information appears on the user panel

Haj 2024 visas will be issued from March 1 to April 29 and are expected to begin in mid-June.

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