Hyderabad: JPNV Residents and councilors oppose building work

Hyderabad: The Members of Janapriya Nile Valley (JPNV) in Hyderabad held a protest at a building site adjacent to their community after the builders conducted high-intensity rock blasting. Local councilman Mahadev Reddy too accompanied the protest.

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Afterwards, they filed a complaint with the Ameenpur station house by stating that at the time of blasts the block started shaking especially block 7 and 3.

They further stated that the blasts cracked the window glass and caused doors to rattle. Residents worry that if the blasts continue, the structures in the JPNV may fall.

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According to a resident of JPNV, “The shockwaves from the explosions felt like earthquakes.” The construction company’s executives admitted that they did not have clearance to use explosives but did it anyway. Residents attended the local Ameenpur Police Station on multiple occasions, but nothing was done to stop the construction.

“The builders promised to install seismographs to assess the strength of the explosions, but they ignored them and proceeded to perform high-intensity blasts,” she added.

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