Karnataka: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti calls ex-HC judge anti-Hindu, anti-national

Gowda said that the retired HC judge has a 'habit of insulting" the Hindu religion.

The Karnataka spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) Mohan Gowda requested the state government on Wednesday not to allow or include retired high court judge Justice H N Nagamohan Das in any future committees pertaining to the state’s development.

Justice Das’ report on SC/ST reservation that was released in 2020, and blamed the “emergence of Vedic philosophy” for social inequality and the caste system, has invited the ire of Gowda who termed the former as “anti-Hindu”.

In a recent interview with Deccan Herald, Gowda remarked Justice Das has been an “anti-national” for a long time.

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“He even released a book titled ‘Imran Khan Ondu Jeevanta Danta Kathe’ authored by Sudhakar SB. How can he agree to release a book that glorifies our enemy country (Pakistan)?” Gowda said, adding that the retired HC judge has a ‘habit of insulting” the Hindu religion.

“Lord Sri Rama was not only a benevolent king, but also a harbinger of equal opportunities to lower caste people. There is a reference in Ramayana that he appoints a ‘Nishad’ (Dalit) person as king. He takes the lead in picking and appointing this Nishad person. How can Justice Das misrepresent facts in his report?” The Deccan Herald quoted Gowda.

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