Kuwaiti doctors can work in private sector outside work hours

Doctors eligible for this privilege must not to hold leadership, presidential, or supervisory positions.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health has issued a decree allowing specialist doctors and senior medical professionals from the government medical sector to work at private clinics or facilities after official working hours.

The allowance comes with specific conditions and regulations set by the ministry.

As per a report by Arab Times, the ministry’s directive mandates doctors eligible for this privilege not to hold leadership, presidential, or supervisory positions that conflict with their simultaneous employment in both government and private medical sectors.

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Restricted positions include excellent grade, undersecretary, assistant undersecretary, directors of departments, health districts, hospitals, specialized medical centres, medical bodies, and related supervisory roles in the private medical sector.

The ministry’s decision to permit government doctors to operate private clinics aims to improve healthcare accessibility and ensure regulatory compliance across all sectors.

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