Menstrual health will be promoted in Siddipet: Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Telangana finance minister T Harish Rao on Wednesday said that menstrual health has to be spoken about openly, and they would promote it in Siddipet, one ward at a time.

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“Wards in which Anganwadi workers, councilors are most active will receive our support,” he said.

The minister spoke while conducting “Rutu Prema,” a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects wherein menstrual cups were distributed among women residents of Siddipet Ward 5.

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Harish Rao said, “We are doing this activity because we recognize how important this is for women’s health. There are 35.5 crore menstruating women in the country. Tons of non-biodegradable plastic pads used by the women end up in landfills.”

He said that menstruating women should stop using plastic pads after knowing how harmful they are for women’s health and the environment.

“This is the first time a meeting like this has been held in the state, where we are able to talk about this subject so openly. This the first step, a beginning for overall health of our state,” said Rao.

Shedding light on how every ward needed to see events like these to promote women’s health, he said that hospitals around the state had to promote natural deliveries during childbirth.

“Telangana has a 62 percent rate of C-section births, the most of any state in the country. Children born of C-sections are weaker than those born of natural births,” he said.

He said that because of superstitions about auspicious timing, parents are rushing for deliveries and opting for C-sections, which had to stop.

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