Miqat Dhu Al-Hulayfah: Welcoming gateway in Madinah for Umrah performers

Dhu Al-Hulayfah, a significant historical site, is one of the designated miqats established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Miqat Dhu Al-Hulayfah Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia is bustling with Umrah performers and visitors seeking blessings before their journey to Makkah during the curent holy month of Ramzan.

It is a serene and well-equipped space for Umrah performers, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling spiritual journey for all pilgrims.

Dhu Al-Hulayfah, a significant historical site, is one of the designated miqats established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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The mosque, located on the western side of Wadi Al-Aqiq, approximately 14 kilometers from the Prophet’s Mosque, it serves residents of Madinah, those entering ihram (a sacred state that a Muslim must enter before undertaking Haj or Umrah. It’s a state of consecration and devotion entirely dedicated to worshipping Allah) from outside the city, and passing travellers.

Comprehensive services for a seamless experience

SPA recently shed light on the extensive organizational efforts overseen by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance in Madinah to ensure the comfort and well-being of visitors, and a seamless Umrah experience.

Umrah performers benefit from guidance and awareness services, ensuring they are well-informed about their journey.

The mosque provides accessible carts for disabled and elderly individuals, and transforms into a communal space for iftar, offering nutritious meals and refreshments for pilgrims.

The mosque prioritizes cleanliness, with dedicated personnel ensuring a hygienic environment and security personnel managing traffic flow to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Place of renewal and tranquility

The Saudi government has significantly invested in the reconstruction of Dhu Al-Hulayfah Mosque and Miqat, aiming to provide a serene environment for Umrah performers.

The mosque, spanning 178,000 square meters, has been meticulously reconstructed to provide a serene atmosphere for its faithful visitors.

The facility features two prayer halls, a spacious courtyard, 500 restrooms, dedicated areas for ihram and ablution, ample parking, and a garden.

The 62-meter tall minaret, resembling a spiral staircase, adds a touch of architectural grandeur to the structure.

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