Nightlife, businesses in Hyderabad to get boost following govt’s 24/7 open permit

The move will bolster tourism in the state and create more job opportunities for job seekers

Hyderabad: The nightlife and businesses in Hyderabad to get a bigger boost following the Telangana government’s decision to allow shops and establishments in the state to operate 24/7. The move is being seen as a win-win for consumers, businesses, and the government.

The decision to allow 24/7 operations will not only benefit consumers who will now have the freedom to shop and dine at any time of the day or night but also businesses that will now have the opportunity to generate more revenue. Moreover, this move will bolster tourism in the state and create more job opportunities for job seekers. It will also lead to more collection of tax for the government.

Relaxation in other Indian states

While Telangana is not the first state to allow shops and establishments to operate 24/7, the relaxation of the rules is still being welcomed by the people of Hyderabad as it is likely to promote nightlife and businesses in the city.

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Maharashtra announced similar relaxation in 2017, and Karnataka gave this relaxation for three years from January 2021. The relaxation also exists in Tamil Nadu, where it was first announced in 2019 and later extended to three more years in June 2022.

As per the Telangana Labour Department Order, “The Telangana government, hereby, issues guidelines for granting exemption from Section 7 (opening and closing hours) of the Telangana Shops and Establishments Act 1988 to all shops and establishments as defined in Section 2 (21) of the Telangana Shops & Establishments Act 1988 for operating 24×7 in the State.” The shops and establishments can avail this option by paying an annual fee of Rs 10,000.

Decision to give boost to nightlife, businesses in Hyderabad

With the decision, shops, and establishments, including malls and restaurants, can remain open round the clock seven days of a week. This move has been widely appreciated on social media, with many netizens taking to Twitter to express their views. While most of them expressed their view in favour of the decision, some expressed their apprehensions.

The decision is expected to give a major boost to Hyderabad’s nightlife and businesses. With the city now being able to operate round the clock, it is expected to attract more tourists and generate more revenue.

It is a move that is being welcomed by businesses and consumers alike and is expected to have a positive impact on the economy of the state.

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