Old wine in a new bottle: YS Sharmila on Telangana Budget

Sharmila went on to accuse the chief minister of Telangana to have failed all promises in the last eight years and said that he couldn’t be trusted when it came to budgetary allocations.

Hyderabad: Raising guns on the annual budget the YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) chief YS Sharmila said that the new budget is nothing less than an old wine packed in a new bottle.

While speaking to the media during Praja Prasthanam Padayatra in Warangal on Tuesday, Sharmila mocked the new state Budget that was presented by the state finance minister Harish Rao on Monday in the state Assembly.

Demanding that the BRS came out clear on last year’s allocations and spending, she listed out the previous year’s allocations, taunting the ruling party for not being able to spend even a single penny against many heads.

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“In the last budget, the BRS allocated Rs 12000 crores for double bedroom houses and Rs 17000 crores for Dalit Bandhu. There is absolutely no change as the current allocation looks like a copy and paste of the previous one. But where is the expenditure and why there has been no execution?” she remarked.

Sharmila went on to accuse the chief minister of Telangana to have failed on the promises front in the last eight years and said that he couldn’t be trusted when it came to these allocations.

“KCR’s every promise is fake and every word is filled with dishonesty. It has been eight years and none of the projects like Devadula, Kanthanapalli, SLBC, Seetarama, Nakkalagandi have been completed,” added the YSR leader.

“The mismatch in allocations and spending ultimately gives us the impression that KCR is using the budget as waste paper and junking them every year,” said the YSR chief.

Throwing light on the lift irrigation projects by Telangana, Sharmila slammed KCR, “While his focus lay only on Kaleshwaram for all vice reasons, the other projects have been completely deprived of funds. Kaleshwaram too has been a disaster and shamefully has been able to irrigate only 50000 acres. This is a white elephant for Telangana treasury and a cash cow for KCR and his contractors.”

Taking a dig at the allocations from the budget towards the state schemes, Sharmila said “His loan waiver is another trick where 36 lakh farmers are eligible for the support but only Rs 763 crores have been waived. The loan waiver needs Rs 19000 crores but you have allocated only Rs 6000 crores.”

“This is an eyewash and broad daylight cheating where 25 lakh farmers’ hopes have been dashed. The same can be said about Rythu Bandhu, Zero-interest loans to women, and fees reimbursement, where there are either no or meagre allocations, much to the disappointment of the people,” alleged the leader.

“The budget is mammoth but you have no money to allocate for fee reimbursement. The dues have touched Rs 3600 crores,” stressed Sharmila.

Sharmila also accused KCR to have deceived the citizens in Telangana and said, “Arogya Sri, this cruel government has made it a point to play with the lives of the people. This government shows funds, but the reality is the dues have crossed Rs 860 crores.”

“Double-bedroom house construction is the biggest failure of the BRS government and alongside, job notifications, sanction of loans by SC, ST, BC corporations, Asara pension, rice subsidy,” added Sharmila.

“Except debts, that have touched Rs 4.8 lakh crores and with the state’s financial health crumbling under Kaleshwaram Project weight, KCR has left nothing for Telangana,” pointed out the YSR chief.

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