Oman-UAE bus service resumes; know ticket cost, luggage allowance

The service has resumed after being temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Omanโ€™s Mwasalat bus service on Sunday, October 1 resumed bus services from Oman to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after being suspended temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Route 202 bus service operates between Muscat to the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, passing through Al Ain city.

Here is the Route 202

  • Mwasalat Bus Station, Burj Al Sahwa
  • Al Azaiba Mwasalat Bus Station
  • Muscat International Airport
  • Muscat International Airport โ€“ Old Terminal
  • Mwasalat Bus Station Burj Al Sahwa
  • Al Khoudh Bridge
  • Mwasalat Bus Station, Al Mabilah
  • Wadi Al Jizi
  • Barka Bridge
  • Barka, Al Somhan
  • Barka, Sallaha
  • Al Rumais
  • Al Nassim Garden
  • Mabelah North
  • A Siya
  • Wadi Al Jizi – Hospital
  • Wadi Al Jizi – Check post
  • Wadi Al Jizi – Al Hamadhaih Bridge
  • Wadi Saa
  • Al Buraimi Hospital
  • Al Buraimi
  • Al Ain Central Bus Station
  • Abu Dhabi Bus Station

The journey from Abu Dhabi to Muscat is estimated approximately 9 hours and 50 minutes with occasional breaks.

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Cost and luggage allowance

  • The one-way ticket from Muscat to Abu Dhabi will cost 11.5 Omani Riyals (109 dirhams).
  • The luggage allowance is 23 kilograms; with a hand baggage allowance of 7 kilograms.

How to book a ticket

  • Select ‘Intercity Booking’ on the homepage
  • Choose the route on the desired date
  • Choose your pick up and drop off point and enter your ticket details, including your name, passport, mobile number, gender, and nationality
  • Upload a copy of your ID and passport
  • The payment method can be made through a credit or debit card.
  • The requirement to upload a ID is not mandatory, but it is mandatory during the boarding process.

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