Over 42,000 expats deported from Kuwait in 2023

This is, so far, the highest number of people deported in a year.

Kuwait: A total of 42,850 expatriates of various nationalities were deported to their home countries from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

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They were deported over criminal violations, including drug abuse, theft, alcohol production, residency expiry, and non-compliance with laws, some of which are in the public interest.

This is the highest number of people ever deported in a year. The rise in deportations is largely due to proactive security measures and campaigns implemented by security services.

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The total number of men deported was 25,191 while women were 17,701.

Among the total deportations, 42,265 were classified as administrative deportations with 24,609 men and 17,656 women.

The number of judicial deportations increased to 627, with 582 men and 45 women involved.

The deportation process follows strict instructions from the first deputy prime minister and acting minister of interior and defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled.

In 2022, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the deportation of 30,000 expatriates. Several individuals are prevented from re-entering Kuwait due to their violation of the country’s rules and laws.

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