‘Razakars fled… wafadars stayed’: Owaisi responds to Amit Shah’s remarks

The Hyderabad MP said that Amit Shah insulted Sardar Patel with 'Razakar' reference in his speech

Hyderabad: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that Union home minister Amit Shah has not only insulted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, but also the sacrifices of all the people who have fought to liberate the Hyderabad State, by saying that Razakars have occupied Hyderabad for the past 40 years, during his roadshow at Lal Darwaza on Wednesday.

Addressing a public meeting in Hyderabad on Thursday, Owaisi questioned what the home minister was doing for the last ten years, if Razakars had occupied Hyderabad for 40 years.

Pointing out how BJP leaders including him, have called Hyderabad an adda of ISIS and Rohingyas, and how BJP leaders have warned of surgical strike on Hyderabad, and threatened to shoot an arrow, Owaisi questioned why Shah hated Hyderabad and the diversity in population residing here.

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“Keep it in mind. Razakars don’t live here. Humans live here. Razakars ran away to Pakistan. Only the faithful live here. The ‘Wafadaar’ who dares to look in the eyes of your 306 MPs in the Lok Sabha and say ‘Baabri Masjid Zindabad.’ We have been defeating the RSS here since 40 years, and will defeat you and Modi this time,” Owaisi declared, drawing cheers from the audience.

Suggesting Shah’s sugar levels could have gone up, Owaisi said that he get his eyes tested for visibility, as all sections of people peacefully live in Hyderabad, and not the Razakars.

“Hyderabad derived its name from Hyder-E-Karrar. We don’t have to fear anybody here. We raise our children by controlling them, not by inciting them,” Owaisi said.

Wondering why Amit Shah was not fighting the election against him, but contesting from Ahmedabad, Owaisi felt that it was Amit Shah who was actually scared, the reason why he uttered both ‘’Hindu and Muslim’ in his speech, and that Shah probably had a good idea of which direction the wind was blowing in Hyderabad.

Owaisi suggested Amit Shah to read some history, especially the Sundarlal Committee’s report on “The Massacres in Hyderabad 1948.”

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