• Lifestyle

    Research finds how fat cells in skin help fight acne

    California: The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the boom of Instagram influencers, especially those who promoted and reviewed skincare. One of the most highly requested reviews was unsurprisingly for pimples.…

  • Health

    Study of genetics discovers new acne risk genes, provides hope for new treatment

    London: The thing that everyone hates but can’t get rid of overnight, is undoubtedly, acne. People spend money on every possible facewash, serum or scrub that can help them get rid of…

  • ScienceNew Zealand approves new COVID-19 drug

    Probiotics may help treat acne

    Washington D.C.: Probiotics can be an effective alternative to antibiotics to treat acne that is often caused due to chronic inflammation, suggests a recent analysis. The study was published in the journal…

  • Health

    Patients with acne have risk of developing depression

    Washington: Researchers found that patients with acne had a significantly increased risk of developing major depression, but only in the first five years after being diagnosed with acne. The British Journal of…

  • News

    How to improve the appearance of acne scars

    Washington: Researchers have found a new process called micro-needling, that helps rejuvenation and decreases the inflammation and scarring that often plagues those with acne. The researchers reviewed all the scientific studies done…

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