• IndiaCoast Guard ship rescues fishing boat in distress

    Coast Guard ship rescues fishing boat in distress

    Manappad: The Indian Coast Guard ship ICGS Vaibhav rescued a fishing boat in distress due to flooding, 48 Nautical Miles off South East Coast in Manappad on October 7, according to the Indian Coast Guard on Friday. ICGS Vaibhav…

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    Story of reciting verse of Surah Al-Fatiha on 24, 25, 26 Ramadan

    Ramadan is the month of fasting, reflection, offerings, devotion and sacrifice.  The first Ashra (ten days of Ramadan) are the days of  ‘mercy’ and ‘blessings’. The second stage (Ashra) exhibits “Forgiveness of Allah” it is also called as Ashra of “Maghfirah” and and…

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    Negativity leads to distress: Study

    Washington: Negative emotions and bad mood are enough to make a person more distrustful, suggests a study. Negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, even if these emotions were triggered by…

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    Best dua to solve any problem

    This is the best dua to be recited when afflicted by any problem. This dua was recited by Hazrat Younus alaihi salam in the belly of the fish. Allah accepted his prayer.…

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    Extreme distress increases risk for dementia: Study

    London: Men and women who are distressed in midlife could be at higher risk of developing dementia in their old age, suggests a new study. The study showed that vital exhaustion, which…

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    Being closer to nature can reduce distress, behavioural problems in kids

    Hong Kong: Does your child often feel stressed and depressed? A walk in the woods is likely to improve his/her mood, researchers said. The study, led by a team from the University…

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