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    The GSLV challenge and GISAT-1 jinx

    M Somasekhar August 12th is the birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai, founder of India’s Space Programme. A celebratory launch was the expectation. But, the launch failure of the GISAT-1, geo-mapping satellite came…

  • IndiaGSLV failure to have an impact on India's human space mission

    GSLV failure to have an impact on India’s human space mission

    Sriharikota: The failure of Indian rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-F10s (GSLV-F10) cryogenic engine midway during a mission on Thursday will have its impact on India’s ambitious moon mission. India presently has three…

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    In Pics: GSLV-F10 fails to inject satellite

    Sriharikota: ISRO’s earth observation satellite EOS-03 on-board GSLV-F10 blasts off from Sriharikota, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. The launch vehicle failed to inject into the orbit, the country’s latest earth observation satellite EOS-03…

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