Irrum Manzil

  • HyderabadINTACH members plead for restoration of Osmania Heritage Building

    Heritage adds to prestige

    By Syed Qamar Hasan.  Hyderabad: SINCE I returned home(Hyderabad) in 2014, after a long, long stay of almost three and a half decades in a Gulf Arab state, what struck me like…

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    Do not dismantle Errum Manzil

    A meeting was held at Ali Villa where it was emphasized on the Chief Minister Shri KCR to refrain from his decision of dismantling iconic Errum Manzil to make way for the…

  • Telangana

    Hyderabad: ‘Irrum Manzil’ a major landmark, heirs oppose Govt’s proposition

    Hyderabad: Descendants of Nawab Safdar Jung Musheer-ud-Daula Fakhrul Mulk, who built the Irrum Manzil in the 19th century have appealed the government to conserve it as the palace built atop a hill…

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    Historic monument in danger

    The historic and iconic monument Irrum Manzil would reportedly be demolished to make way for the construction of Telangana’s new assembly building.Photo:Laeeq  

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